Essential Oils Facts & News

Ways to use essential oils on the body –

  1. Smell it, inhale it – It will immediately be absorbed into the lungs and nasal passages. Effective for respiratory problems with the correct oil or combination.
  2. Topical application – Usually 2 or 3 drops are enough (as each drop can equal a pound of herbs). It will immediately penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the blood. Locations to put it on include on the complete hands, the feet including the sides and the ears. These are key meridians of the body and the oils will tend to be taken to where it is most needed. Locating on the area of inflammation can also be used, especially for stomach digestive problems.
  3. Ingesting – Since these oils are very concentrated and some oils should not be ingested make sure the oil is “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) approved before attempting to use it in this way. Some persons may have gastrointestinal reaction to taking the oils in this manner. The citrus oils can usually be added to water without problems (1 or 2 drops only).

Reactions to essential oils – This is not common but check each oil on the wrist area and wait to see if any reaction appears. Toxin release in the body can cause this reaction as well.

Medication – Always check with your physician before taking any essential oils or herbs as they can have the opposite effect, or increase the effect of the medication. Do not consume excessive alcohol when using oils

Photo-toxic oils – Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for 4 hours after using Citrus oils and some other oils. It may discolor the skin permanently if severe enough.

Spills – Essential oils can discolor furniture, destroy plastics or stain in seconds. Remove immediately.

Light, heat & oxygen – Are not desirable conditions for oils. If possible keep in a cool place or refrigerator.

Keep away from children – Keep either high up or inconvenient for children to get.

Pregnant or lactating women – Should not use many oils for safety. Check data sheets and common sense. Oils used by the mother will be transferred to the child.

PEPPERMINT – Research indicates workouts are more enjoyable and were able to exercise harder while sniffing peppermint. Natural Health, April 2001

LEMON – Cyclist use 2-3 drops of Lemon oil in their drinking water to make it more refreshing without adding sugar or synthetic sweeteners. It can be used by diabetics as well. Other citrus oils that can be added to water are Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine and Mandarin.

Post-Operative Stress – Patients exposed to Vanilla, Lavender and Neroli after heart surgery had lower post operative stress. Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Aug. 2000

Chemotherapy-induced nausea – Can be eased by sniffing Peppermint, Ginger, Lavender and Mandarin. As yet unpublished US study.

LAVENDER – Helped elderly psychiatric patients sleep as long as a heavy sedative medication did without side effects. England, Aug. 2000

Jet Lag Preventative – Before retiring for the night add 6 drops of LAVENDER and SANDALWOOD to a warm bath to help relax and reduce tension. During the morning shower place 3 drops of LAVENDER and GRAPEFRUIT oils to a damp washcloth and gently rub over your entire body, followed with a cool-water rinse. Natural Health Magazine 2002

Airplane Sickness – Use of Six L, when use as directed, reduces post flight sickness from in-flight air.

Dental use – Both Clove and Myrrh have been used to reduce tooth pain temporarily or to cleanse the mouth of bacteria. Fresh Mouth will assist with dental problems.

Shingles – Essential oils can be used topically to help heal the sores Lavender, Carrot Seed, Geranium or Rose Hip Seed. Oils mixed at 5-10% concentrations in carrier oils and applied to the back area (where Shingles live). Additional oils are Hyssop, Marjoram, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme and Oregano. Check small area first for skin sensitivity and strong odor. If skin sensitivity occurs use any vegetable oil to remove, do not use water as this will drive it in.

Cotton Ball uses –

  1. Deodorize Trash Can (2-3 days) Add 2-3 drops of TEA TREE, LEMON or EUCALYPTUS.
  2. Freshen Dryer. Add a few drops of LAVENDER, LEMON or ORANGE.
  3. Fresh Sleeping Pillow. Add 2-3 drops of LAVENDER.
  4. Remove sticky Adhesive from Glass or Milk jugs. Add 3-4 drops of LEMON or ORANGE.
  5. Freshen the car with LEMON, ORANGE, GRAPEFRUIT or PEPPERMINT.