Essential Oils

A new page in the use of essential oils has begun, the energizing of the oils. The development has taken several years to perfect and is an extraordinary but subtle change. This multi-step process starts with prayer, careful storage and a proprietary multi-task process to achieve an overall field strength exceeding 40 feet in diameter. The below listed essential oils are either organic, wild crafted (picked wild) or cultivated.  Each bottle indicates the correct Latin name and the country of origin.  Every effort has been made to assure of the best oils in the world are assembled here. Use the form below to request a quote on any product. Feel free to include as many products and quantities as you would like.

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Nature's Oils Tarragon

Anorexia, intestinal spasms, digestion, PMT 12 ml

Nature's Oils Tea Tree

Anti-fungal, cold sores, age spots, asthma, cystisis (safe) 12 ml

Nature's Oils Thyme

Anthax, acne, abscesses, lice, circulation (caution) 5 ml

Nature's Oils Tabacco

Stimulant, nicotine, rituals (caution irritant to skin & nose) 12 ml

Nature's Oils Tomar

Perfume, higher freq. stimulant 12 ml

Nature's Oils Tsuga, Spruce

Uterine prolapse, bronchitis, muscles, colds, flu 12 ml

Nature's Oils Tumeric

Circulation, menstrual problems, liver, arthritis 12 ml


Curcuma zedoaria, helpful for tumors and circulation 12 ml

Nature's Oils Vanilla

Calming, stress, insomnia, stress, dreaming 5 ml

Nature's Oils Vetiver

Depression, insomnia, stress, acne, arthritis, sprains 12 ml

Nature's Oils Wintergreen

Joints, arthritis, astringent, diuretic 12 ml

Nature's Oils Yarrow, White

Hard to heal wounds, rheumatism,liver & gallbladder stim 5 ml

Nature's Oils Yarrow,Blue

High blood pressure, thrombosis, constipation 12 ml

Nature's Oils Ylang Ylang

Insomnia, tension, anger, relaxer 12 ml