Essential Oils

A new page in the use of essential oils has begun, the energizing of the oils. The development has taken several years to perfect and is an extraordinary but subtle change. This multi-step process starts with prayer, careful storage and a proprietary multi-task process to achieve an overall field strength exceeding 40 feet in diameter. The below listed essential oils are either organic, wild crafted (picked wild) or cultivated.  Each bottle indicates the correct Latin name and the country of origin.  Every effort has been made to assure of the best oils in the world are assembled here. Use the form below to request a quote on any product. Feel free to include as many products and quantities as you would like.

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Nature's Oils Carrot Seed
Arthritis, gout, eczema, psoriasis, PMS, skin care 12 ml
Nature's Oils Cassia
Digestive complaints, diarrhea, cinnamon like 12 ml
Nature's Oils Cedarwood, Atlas
Acne, cellulite, liver, water retention 12 ml
Nature's Oils Celery Seed
Neuralgia, liver conditions, muscles, toxins, tonic 12 ml
Nature's Oils Chamomile, English
(Roman), more mental than physical relaxer 5 ml
Nature's Oils Chamomile, German
Stress reducer, digestive aid, PMS, depression 5 ml
Nature's Oils Champa Attar
Mood uplifting, strong perfume, sacred oil 5 ml
Nature's Oils Cinnamon Leaf
Antiviral, stimulant, muscle tone 12 ml
Nature's Oils Cistus (Rock Rose)
(Labdanum, Rose of Sharon) Wrinkles, coughs 5 ml
Nature's Oils Citronella
Insect repellant, colds, flu, fatigue, rheumatic pain 12 ml
Nature's Oils Clary Sage
Insomnia, frigidity, PMS, hormone balancer 12 ml
Nature's Oils Clove Bud
Warts, mouth disinfectant, mental fatigue, tooth aches 12 ml
Nature's Oils Coffee (CO2)
Full bodied, flavoring (1 or 2 drops) 5 ml
Nature's Oils Copaiba Balsam
Stress, digestion, urinary tract 12 ml
Nature's Oils Coriander
Anxiety, poor memory, circulatory stimulant 12 ml
Nature's Oils Curcuma Zedoaria
Anti-cancer, similar to tumeric 12 ml
Nature's Oils Cypress
Asthma, coughs, flu, menopause, varicose veins 12 ml
Nature's Oils Dill Seed
Parasites, bronchitis, flatulence, lact of a period 12 ml
Nature's Oils Elemi
Skin healing, nervous exhaustion, aged skin 12 ml
Nature's Oils Eucalyptus, Dives
Cuts, sores boils, asthms, arthritis 12 ml