Carrier Oils

All available in 1/2 oz. with rubber bulb tops (larger sizes available). Most have at least 6 months shelf life if kept cool. All are beneficial to the skin. Shea butter is available in 2 oz. jar.

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Nature's Oils Cashew Oil
Limit skin pigmentation
Nature's Oils Cucumber Seed
Very smooth and supple to the skin, blends well.
Nature's Oils Foraha (Tamanu)
Healing to shingles, herpes, removes debris
Nature's Oils Guava Oil
Anti-acne, cellular damage,free radicals
Nature's Oils Hazelnut
Vit. A,B &E, easy penetration, moisture retention
Nature's Oils Jojoba
Readily absorbed, close to the oil in hair follicle
Nature's Oils Luffa Seed
Anti-aging, aid in skin cancer protein synthesis
Nature's Oils Macadamia
Antioxidant to skin cells, close to natural skin oil
Nature's Oils Neem
Strong antifungal, athlete’s foot, pesticide, strong smell
Nature's Oils Prickly Pear Oil
Regeneration skin action, hydrates skin and hair
Nature's Oils Raspberry Seed
UV-A (6 spf), UV-B (28-50 spf) acne, psoriasis
Nature's Oils Shea Butter
Vit. E, natural sun screen, thick, all natural, quickly absorbs 2 oz.