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Organic essential oils and blended oils using only the best natural and most effective ingredients without synthetic additives, enhancers or colors, Natures Oils bring you truly unique products that assist you in your daily life.

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Nature's Oils Balance Blend
Blend of 4 types of Frankincense + Shungite (all chakras) 12 ml
Nature's Oils Dr. G’s Digestive Blend
10 essential oils to aid digestion. 1-3 drops/water before meals 12 ml
Nature's Oils Focus & Cleansing
A blend to stimulate and balance all the organs. 12 ml
Nature's Oils Fresh Mouth Blend
12 mlA “Clove-Cinnamon” taste and odor. This blend of 9 essential oils when added to your toothpaste will destroy most types of bacteria including strong food odors on the breath. Only one drop is all that is needed to be effective. Customers have reported of reduction in gingivitis if used regularly. It is not recommended for use as a breath freshener unless added to water to use as a gargle. Fresh mouth can be used in several other ways due to its disinfecting effect, 1.)such as rubbing 2 drops on the hands and smelling the odor or 2.) rub on the bottom of the feet or 3.) if used on any other parts of the body it must be diluted (1 or 2 drops) with a lotion or vegetable oil. The odor dissipates in 3-4 hours.
Nature's Oils Fully Aware Blend
Chakras 1-3 Base to solar plexus 5 ml
Nature's Oils Gurjun Balsam
Chakras 8-12 Non-physical 5 ml
Nature's Oils Headache Relief
12 mlA “mint-lemon” fragrance roll-on to be applied to 4 key locations on the temples, between the eyes and the back of the neck for the lessening of headaches. A combination of 12 natural essential oils in a natural carrier oil. Much more complex than most essential oil headache blends, this blend may relieve most types of headaches. A very small amount is needed, more is not better. Works effectively if the headache is just beginning. The effects are very natural and can last for up to 3 hours. The pleasant odor will dissipate in a half hour to one hour. For occasional use, severe headaches or reoccurring headaches should see a medical professional.
Nature's Oils Lopehar Blend
A blend of 45 essential oils plus gold to promote loving change. 5 ml
Nature's Oils Lotus
Chakras 4-7 Heart to crown, meditation, balancing, perfume with Sandalwood 5 ml
Nature's Oils Mike's Blend
12 mlA stronger anti-gingivitis version of “Fresh Mouth” containing Frankincense & Oregano.
Nature's Oils Pain Exit Blend
A blend of 5 pain relief essential oils. 12 ml
A “Lemon-Lavender Citrus” scent consisting of a blend of six beautiful essential oils. The combined properties are truly amazing. They include helping with asthma, insect bites, cleaning and clearing the skin, nausea, insomnia, act as a non-allergenic deodorant, reduce nervous tension and most importantly PURIFY THE AIR. Can also be added to the bath (to relax) or shampoo (to stimulate the scalp). The kit consist of a – 12 ml. dripper bottle, the “Six L Blend”, a 2 oz. sprayer and a card of uses.