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Energized Essential Oils

A new page in the use of essential oils has begun, the energizing of the oils. The development has taken several years to perfect and is an extraordinary but subtle change. This multi-step process starts with prayer, careful storage and a proprietary multi-task process to achieve an overall field strength exceeding 40 feet in diameter.


About Us

Established in 2002. We have developed a large line of effective oils that bring maximum effectiveness. Our custom blends are made upon request. The goal is to energize the oils to their maximum effectiveness. We also provide carrier oils not seen on other sites. Contact us for dealer pricing or larger size bottles.

Popular Oils

The below listed essential oils are either organic, wild crafted (picked wild) or cultivated.  Each bottle indicates the correct Latin name and the country of origin.  Every effort has been made to assure of the best oils in the world are assembled here.

Essential OilCommon UsesSizePrice
Lavender, AngustaAdapagen, body balancer, burns, headaches12 ml$12
Lotus (Attar)Meditation, perfume, balancing, 4th thru 7th Chakra5 ml$10
Frankincense, CarteriSkin care, weak immune system, indigestion12 ml$30
Helichrysum, Itali.Boils, liver, nerve regeneration, spleen5 ml$45
RoseBroken capillaries, wrinkles, impotence, uplift5 ml$50